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Take your training and your skills to an elite level and get trained by professionals and the best in the business in a dedicated facility.

Who We Are

We are Security Training Academy, located in North Haven, Connecticut and serving clients all over the New Haven Area. We specialize in high-speed, professional, and elite training that will exceed expectations and leave you fully equipped and trained with the skills you need to be confident, prepared and ready for the tasks at hand.

All our training is done in a dedicated facility that will allow you to be comfortable, prepared and focused on the task.

Meet Your Instructor

Elliot Rosa - Instructor

Elliot Rosa


  • Army Veteran (Honorable Discharge)
  • Associate Degree (With Honors)
  • 14 years Law Enforcement
  • Internal Affairs Investigator
  • Police Academy Executive Officer
  • Field Training Officer
  • Baton police instructor
  • Handcuffing police instructor
  • OC (pepper spray) police instructor
  • Defensive Tactic police instructor
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Purple Belt
  • Krav Maga Instructor

Our Services

All our training services are based on years of speciality training and experience and created specifically to get you trained, ready and set up for success.

Please note: All Courses must be 18 years and older. Must have no felony convictions.

Security Guard

Guard Card

Price: $125
Training Time: 8 Hours

State Requirement $111

This class fulfills the state of Connecticut's requirement of attending an 8 HR Criminal Justice course prior to you becoming a security guard. In this class, you will be trained by the best in the industry.

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray Course

Price: $149
Training Time: 7 Hours

Requires a minimum of 4 participants.
Get fully trained in Pepper Spray, one of the most widely used non-lethal self-defense and crowd control agents. You will learn the skills required to use this tool effectively.


Price: $125
Training Time: 4 Hours

Requires a minimum of 4 participants.
Get your handcuffing certification here. This is a 4hr course in which you will become proficient in handcuffing. Handcuffing can result in injury to a suspect. Get trained the correct way to help eliminate this potential liability. This is a user course NOT instructor level.


Baton Training

Price: $149
Training Time: 8 Hours

Requires a minimum of 4 participants.
Get your baton certification here. Learn the latest and greatest techniques that will help protect you and others. These techniques are based on the LOCKUP program. This is a user course NOT instructor level certification.

Batton Training

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